Welcome to my personal Webpage! My name is Tamer and I am a currently a data scientist at Alphacruncher. I am also a PhD candidate at the Department of Network and Data Science at the Central European University in Budapest.

My short term career goal is to gain industry experience in data science and data engineering with a particular focus on financial applications. My current learning experience is focusing on understanding the nature and particularities of financial data, mastering Extract-Transform-Load tasks, working with cloud platforms, the construction of machine learning pipelines and the development of data products. In the medium-long run, I am more interested in pursuing a career which combines research with industrial applications. I have a particular interest in the topic of fraud detection and would be interested to work and do research in this field. I am also interested in research and applications related to the field of technological innovation which I explored during my PhD studies. I am open to discussing job-offers from industry and academia.

I am a social person who aims to build and strengthen contacts with many people with different expertise, and I believe in the power of knowledge sharing as an important factor in solving nowadays complex problems. I share some of my articles and ideas on my blog which you can reach from the above navigation bar.

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