Visualization of the Syndicated Lending Market

By Tamer Khraisha

Ph.D , Department of Network and Data Science, Central European University (Budapest)

The following D3 bubble chart is a visualization of the share of many banks in one financial market called Syndicated lending. The total number of bubbles is 5154. Each bubble represents a bank and the text inside is the name of the bank. It should be noted that sometimes bubbles have similar bank names and the reason behind this is that banks can have different branches which work under similar but not exactly the same name. Additionally, some banks merged together which resulted in a new name which is a combinatio of the names of the individual banks. The size of each bubble reflects the total amount, expressed in US bilion dollars, that the bank invested in the Syndicated lending market during the period from 1990 to 2013. Names appear in big font for core banks, while names of peripherical banks were reduced in size for aesthetic reasons. By hovering the mouse on each bubble you can see the name of the bank and the amount of investment.