Psychological Attributes Network

Explore how personality traits are correlated with each other based on an empirical analysis be Srebrenka Letina. Nodes are personality traits and links are the correlations between them. Correlation indicates the linear association, negative (dashed) or positive (solid), that one personality trait has with another.

Financial Network Metrics

This D3.js chart is a temporal visualization of 24 attributes of a financial network. The network has banks as nodes and a link exists between two banks whenever they partecipated together in granting a loan. The temporal window is from 1984 until 2011. The size of each circle indicates the normalized value of each attribute where normalization is done with respect to the sum over all years. To see the values in numbers you can hover the mouse over the attribute in the legend.

Weapon Trade Network

Explore who buys and who sells weapons at the global level. estimates of trade flows between and within regions for one-year periods, 1955 to 2005 with five year interval. Initially the data is shown by region and if you click on a region you will see the trade flows country-by-country. Values are in US dollars.

Data Engineer and Developer

Alphacruncher - The Cloud Platform for Scientific Research

Budapest, Revay koz 4, 1065 (Hungary)

Alphacruncher provides an online platform for data management and data-driven education using well-known and large financial datasets.

  • Creating metadata for financial data models and supporting online documentation
  • Creating interactive web visualizations and dashboards for financial datasets using D3.js and Apache Superset
  • Creating a Jquery QueryBuilder application to create complex SQL queries and filters
  • Researching methods employed in the extant literature for filtering and manipulating the financial datasets offered with citations
  • Writing complex SQL code for implementing the various methods for filtering and manipulating the datasets
  • Adding advanced functionalities to the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN) for data management
  • Creating a Python library for automating the identification and correction of date formats in the datasets
  • Automating Extract, Transform, Load tasks by creating Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGS) scripts in Apache Airflow
  • Worked on data matching for reproducing datasets used in scientific papers
  • Creating dockerized environment for testing web applications using Selenium

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